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The offices of solicitors of Jan Panek, Aleksander Zdanowicz and Michał Zdanowicz constitute a result of family bonds and long-term tradition of legal services

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The offer of the Office is directed towards to natural persons, business entities, as well as non-profit organizations. Our goal is to prepare an offer satisfying individual requirements of each Client, therefore our activities are based also on very efficient and prompt communication with them

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The office successfully conduct cases from the following fields:

  • Labour and social insurance law (appeals from decisions of the Social Insurance Funds, objections to decisions of expert physicians, employment restoration, damages, lobbing, pension, remedies)
  • Civil law (cases on payments, evictions, remedies, damages)
  • Traffic accidents in penal proceedings and in civil and insurance procedures
  • Legacy law (confirmation of the legacy acquisition, legacy distribution, legitime)
  • Family law (divorce, separation, maintenance, establishment of contacts)
  • Penal law (defence in penal procedures at each stage of the proceedings)
  • Administrative law (complaints)

Legal assistance is provided by the Offices in the following form:

  • Oral legal advice
  • Preparation of legal opinions in writing
  • Mediation in negotiations
  • Acting for clients in the capacity of a proxy or defender in court proceedings
  • Constant complex legal services for companies